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Organisations that perform better

We’re dedicated to helping you build stronger, richer teams involved in your organisation. Implemented across public and private sectors, membership bodies and volunteer organisations, or company governance, our baseline survey helps you to drive results that make the biggest difference.

Asking the questions that matter the most

All AskYourTeam products are developed following research on leading international organisational management and leadership frameworks and practices for globally proven drivers of organisational success. Reviewed and validated by the University of Waikato’s New Zealand Institute for Business Research (IBR): the baseline survey is global best practice, tailored for the New Zealand environment. 


Created with industry for industry

We partner with industry leaders across different sectors to develop products that collect feedback on their most critical performance drivers. Sector specific baseline surveys are available for private businesses, public sector organisations, local governments, company governance, membership organisations and the voluntary sector.  


Sector wide benchmarking

With 7 million datapoints collected from tens of thousands of respondents, AskYourTeam has New Zealand’s most comprehensive local dataset to provide trusted and relevant benchmarking across a number of industries and sectors, providing a relevant context to your organisation’s results. 


High participation rates: easy and intuitive system.

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Deep cultural insight.


Organisational productivity.


Informed and inclusive decision making.


Strong and effective leadership.