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Customer highlight - Pinpoint the areas that were most important to our people

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"AskYourTeam enabled us to pinpoint those areas that were most important to our people." - Emillie Tamarapa, People and Organisational Development Manager.

When a culture is fast paced, it can be easy to glaze over the details and be unsure where the pain points are. In a medium sized business, employee attitudes cannot go unnoticed, and a positive culture is crucial.

Oil Intel is a perfect example for a business that recognised this, and buckled up to make some big changes.

AskYourTeam allowed Oil Intel to easily distinguish what areas employees felt needed to be improved. The results? A new focus on updating HR policies and procedures - and an overhaul of performance and remuneration reviews.

Being able to collect detailed feedback through AskYourTeam, ensured Oil Intel had a clear path to change, and a path that would create a positive workplace culture for employees.

Find out how we can help your team to highlight the areas that matter the most.  

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