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positive onboarding

platform overview

Key Features

positive onboarding

We believe AskYourTeam is uniquely positioned to support your organisation to build a culture of involvement. We understand the people doing the work are those who know how to improve it and provide them with the opportunity for their voice to be heard. 

We know the areas that matter the most to improving organisation performance and what on-the-ground support you need in your journey. 

Our sector partnerships ensure a tailored and relevant experience. Our approach provides you with the independence and objectivity you need to be confident that planned action as a result of our survey insights will make your people feel that they are part of something; increasing motivation, productivity and engagement. 

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Delivering value





Designed to fit your needs
We believe there is no “one-size-fits all”. Gain insights from the whole of the organisation, or delve deeper into specific topics with individual teams, to have a rich understanding of issues impacting organisational improvement. 


Unlimited use
Our straightforward licencing empowers you to gain insight, measure results and put plans into action on an ongoing basis, combining periodic reviews with targeted check-ins as you need, with no additional “gotchas” or hidden costs. 


Easy to use
Our intuitive system means you can empower your leaders with direct access to results, to own and create their action plans and measure results. 

New Zealand Based Partnerships



A diverse and sizeable client base
Hundreds of New Zealand organisations across multiple sectors trust AskYourTeam to collect data from their stakeholders, so we understand the nuances of your industry and how to maximise our services based on your organisation’s objectives.


Responsive customer service
Our highly experienced, New Zealand-based team make sure the integration of the system and its use in your organisation is easy and well supported. 


Consulting and people leadership services
Expertise in analysis of results and trends is available to develop actions that will drive the most effective results based on your strategic priorities. Our highly skilled, locally based management consultants provide people leadership support to develop and guide high performing people leaders to deliver outcomes driven by the insights gained from your AskYourTeam surveys. 

Giving you confidence



Anonymous feedback
Open and honest feedback is ensured when your people can speak with confidence and anonymity. Difficult truths can be hard to share but often provide opportunities and catalysts for action and change


Independent insight
Our independent system is helpful in revealing blindspots - the differences between the way leaders and their people view things; prioritising areas for focus. Our products and supporting people services ensure conscious and unconscious bias are removed, so no insights are overlooked or minimised.


Globally proven, locally validated products
All AskYourTeam products are developed following research on leading international organisational management and leadership frameworks and practices for globally proven drivers of organisational success. Question libraries are reviewed and validated by the University of Waikato’s New Zealand Institute for Business Research (IBR), ensuring you have global best practice surveys tailored for the New Zealand environment. 


Inspired by industry



Developed with industry  
We have a history of driving change across New Zealand sectors by partnering with industry leaders, developing products that are truly tailored to the appropriate environment to drive maximum effectiveness.


We speak your language. Should complementarily practices or frameworks exist that you need us to align with, or incorporate aspects of, to deliver a seamless experience for your teams, we will work with you to achieve your goals.  


Regular community meet ups 
We pride ourselves on bringing our customers together to collectively learn, gain feedback and ensure they are highly involved in the evolution of the AskYourTeam system. Our community meet ups are led by our passionate customers, sharing experiences and insight into their practices. 

Action from insights



Real time reporting
You’re able to view survey results as they build, ensuring no delay to analysis and interpretation; meaning communications and action plans are highly responsive and timely.  


Sector wide benchmarking
From it’s 11 million datapoints collected from tens of thousands of respondents, AskYourTeam has New Zealand’s most comprehensive local dataset to provide trusted and relevant benchmarking across a number of industries and sectors, providing a relevant context to your organisation’s results.


Action management for leaders
With built-in action planning, leaders are able to move swiftly to focus on areas of improvement, involving their people to drive an inclusive culture and building organisational advantage as a result.

Proven technology platform



Data security
Protecting your data is fundamental to our business. We use best-in-class data security standards and measures to ensure all customer data remains private. Hosted on the world’s leading data centre provider, our data centre partners are SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 certified. Enterprise-grade firewalls, routing, intrusion prevention and behaviour analytics are used to protect our infrastructure. 


Integration ready
Securely authenticate into AskYourTeam using your own corporate network security policies. We integrate seamlessly with any system that acts as a SAML 2.0 identity provider, such as Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Okta, OneLogin and more, allowing fast and simple access of all your AskYourTeam users. 


Anytime, anywhere, any device access
Your users may operate over many browsers, email clients and devices, engaging in their AskYourTeam activities across different regions and time zones. We ensure compatibility across all major browsers, email clients and operating systems to enable seamless interaction whatever the situation or device.  

Create actions that drive productivity

AskYourTeam’s involvement system gathers feedback from your people and reveals priorities for your organisation and actions that will best lift productivity. 

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Actions for productivity