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Feedback platform for Local Government

Bring the voice of your people and community to life


Want to deliver the best outcomes for staff and communities? Discover how AskYourTeam informs decision-making, involving people at all levels of the council and across the community in the process

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Empower your council to continuously improve and take effective action.

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Harness the passion, energy and ideas of council staff, local business, residents and ratepayers. Collect their thoughts on council performance, gaining insights and evidence on critical areas that drive organisational success.  
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Measure council delivery performance live with pulse surveys

customer service

Hear the customer service experience through the voice of frontline staff surveys.


Evaluate supplier performance through the VOICE of Supplier surveys.


Compare performance within your council and across other councils.

What do councils really need when understanding what customers value?

We need an unfiltered view of what makes customers happy and what causes the most frustration

an unfiltered view

Frontline employees have frequent close contact with customers, and can provide feedback on council services, based on their views and perceptions of customer’s views. Gather their thoughts and ideas anonymously to understand what’s really happening at the frontline. 

We need to better engage with communities on projects, planning and things that really matter to residents

better engage

Gather feedback via kiosks, council notices, email, texts and Facebook pages to interact with customers across the whole community.

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How can AskYourTeam’s involvement system benefit your community?

better decisions

Have leaders make better-informed decisions

Quantitative and qualitative feedback enables leaders to prioritise decisions and action plans.

icreased motivation

Get increased motivation from your people

Providing an easy, safe and non-threatening way to share views, ideas and solutions on how to improve the organisation. 

inspiring ideas

Support individual leadership performance

Identify and quantify the performance of individual leaders and develop coaching programmes

8+ datapoints

Gain insight and inspiration from your community

Feedback from residents, ratepayers and businesses can inform long-term planning focus, to deliver better outcomes for the community.

more relevant services

Deliver better levels of service to the community

Understand service satisfaction levels across all the key services, facilities and amenities that councils provide.

give weight on voices

Base your results on 8+ million data points

Comprehensive data on the performance of private and public sector collected by AskYourTeam system creates the opportunity to deliver significant organisational improvements and outcomes. 

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Bring the voice of
your people and community to life

Getting closer to community stakeholders is not only a must-do for Councils, it’s what the community expects from local democracies. The risks are low, and the upside unlimited. To hear how our Residents & Ratepayers solutions can provide the process, insights and data to make a real difference in your community, click the link below.
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