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Become best-in-class in the local government sector

Start using the local government sector’s most popular anonymous staff survey system and benchmark your performance against the sectors’ most efficient organisations and inclusive employers.

An easy, safe and non-threatening way for your people to share their views on how to improve your council’s performance. 


Quantitative and qualitative feedback, enhancing evidence-driven practice and decision-making - specifically where it applies to your people and your council's effectiveness.

measure-improvement-in-performance-over-time-and-see-how-you-rate against benchmark data.

Complements the LGNZ CouncilMARK™ Programme, providing council leaders with a 360-degree view of council effectiveness in the areas of service performance, leadership and communication, and interaction. 



Helping to attract and retain the best talent is critical for councils to support their communities and deliver the services required, especially in competitive talent markets such as provincial and rural areas.


Empower leaders and individuals by delivering a system that supports managers in continually involving their teams to work on those things that have the greatest impact on performance and productivity. 


Value and leverage the diversity of your people and their opinions by giving them an anonymous voice while removing the interpersonal risk and biases that come from providing direct feedback. 


Embed a culture of transparency and accountability within the council by involving your people throughout the process of change, minimising anxiety and continually seeking feedback to support effective, sustainable people-centred change.


Focus on the wellbeing of staff, supporting a culture of health and safety awareness with a strong emphasis on personal wellness, central to the challenging environments councils operate in. 

Create actions that drive productivity

AskYourTeam’s involvement system gathers feedback from your people and reveals priorities for your organisation and actions that will best lift productivity.
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