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Harness the opportunity

Our offboaring system sets you up for success in understanding any common retention issues to proactively address going forward.

Offboarding your people in the right way can also help to build a network of supporters and brand ambassadors. In the current employee market, they may also become back and work for you again.

Understand leadership styles and effectiveness
Identify and support great leaders, and offer development and training for those where critical leadership skills require improvement. 


Insight into organisational successes and failures

Ask the right questions to gain an understanding of what's working and what's not from your people's perspective. 


Data to share with all decision-makers

Using a single, systematic approach enables effective and transparenresults sharing across a wider senior team.  


Create brand advocacy in former employees, who will recommend your product and service to use, as well as a positive workplace to join to potential new employees.

support-innovation- uncovering-ideas

Support innovation, uncovering ideas and thoughts on immediate department and wider organisation products, services and processes.


A demonstration that your people's views matter. Involvement of your people in organisational performance should flow consistently through their entire employee experience.


Mitigate poor performance by identifying and addressing underlying issues driving high turnover situations.