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Products and Services

Our globally researched, independently validated surveys can inform project delivery, policymaking, leadership effectiveness development requirements and organisational performance direction.

Whether you need to assess organisational-wide performance or gain a more in-depth understanding of a specific area at a team, site or department level, we can help.

Whether your priority is to enhance employee experience or build on your customer experience, we have a product to suit your organisation and sector. And the support and guidance to see you through your journey.

baseline-survey Baseline Survey

Discover a new kind of organisational performance data - frontline generated performance insights from every person in your team or core stakeholder group. The baseline staff survey is based on the first principle that the people doing the job almost always have the best insights into how it can be done better. 

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please-rename-me-3 Onboarding Surveys

Becoming an effective member of a team as quickly and smoothly as possible is equally important for organisations and individuals alike. Our employee onboarding surveys provide an easy and systemised way to check-in with new office and remote employees over an extended period of time.

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focussed-survey Focused Surveys

Current initiatives may require specific areas where in-depth listening and analysis are required. Get in-depth and dependable answers on specific issues. Our focused surveys allow you to drill down fast into specific issues, identify problems, and retest to measure progress once you’ve instigated a programme of reform.
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offboarding-survey Offboarding Survey

The moment when people leave your organisation - as an employee or Member or student - can provide the most valuable sources of intelligence about your performance. Capture the most valuable exit insights and identify any trends in why people leave and initiate action programmes to improve your retention.  

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direct Māori Cultural Competency

The AskYourTeam Cultural Competency survey helps you to follow Te Arawhiti’s six core competency areas framework, Te ara ki tua and measure the success of your organisation’s Māori cultural capability strategy across tikanga, treaty understanding, racial equity and more.


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customer-voice The Customer VOICE Suite

Enhance your customer experience strategy and go beyond making products and services as good as the can be.  Weave a customer centric view from the executive team and throughout the organisation to your support functions and frontline team right through to your end customers. 

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ethicalvoice Ethical VOICE

Ethical VOICE provides true transparency through your supply chain, collecting feedback anonymously from the workers themselves. Providing real-time, sector-wide data that can identify exploitation risks. And protect the wellbeing of all workers. 

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for-governance Governance Survey

For organisations to continuously adapt and evolve, their boards need to lead by example. Now there's a way to do this. Our comprehensive Governance survey provides the opportunity to assess 13 core categories for board performance from structure, process, culture and strategy, through to organisational understanding, compliance, alignment and integrity to highlight a few.  

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for-membership-organisations Membership Survey

Regardless of industry or size, member organisations have similar challenges for growth, retention and encouraging involvement from their members. Understand what your members really think about how well you are serving their needs with our anonymous feedback system, specifically developed for membership organisations. 
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for-volunteers Volunteer Survey

The AskYourTeam Volunteer survey is a mechanism for listening to your volunteers and what they think about how your organisation is performing across different areas. Listen and respond to what you hear and build a stronger organisation.

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resilient-strategy The Resilience Toolkit

Resilient organisations are those that survive and thrive in normal times and through periods of uncertainty.  To help build greater resilience into your organisation, we’ve partnered with Resilient Organisations, New Zealand’s globally renowned experts in organisational resilience.  

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Our highly experienced, New Zealand-based team make sure the integration of the system and its use in your organisation is simple and well supported.

support-services Support Services

Our highly experienced, New Zealand-based team make sure the integration of the system and its use in your organisation is simple and well supported. 

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co-design-services Co-design Services

Should complementary practices or frameworks exist that you need us to align with, or incorporate aspects of, to deliver a seamless experience for your teams, we will work with you to achieve this. 

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advisory-services Consulting Services

Our consuting team are available to work alongside you on every aspect of integrating the AskYourTeam system into your organisation; from analysing your data to communicating the results, designing concrete action plans and coaching your people leaders, we've got you covered. 

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surveys and support

Surveys and support
to drive results

Our range of surveys makes sure you ask your people what matters the most. Local advisory support is here to help you act on the insights and drive productivity improvement.

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