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A two-way conversation to ensure new team members are set up for success in their role, onboarding helps new employees become a fully functioning member of the team as quickly and smoothly as possible.  

Our employee onboarding surveys provide an easy and systemised way to check-in with new office and remote employees from their first week 

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A positive onboarding experience leads to greater productivity and retention.

Understand individual experiences across your organisation and let new team members know their feedback is important in making positive change from the day they arrive. 

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Simplify and standardise your onboarding processes across teams and geographical locations. 


Real-time insights for HR professionals and team leaders into what new team members think of your recruitment process and onboarding experiences.


Help new employees assimilate into the organisation quickly and more effectively. 


Gain an understanding of new employees sense of belonging over an extended period of time.

Unfiltered feedback from day one

A positive onboarding experience leads to greater productivity and retention.
Understand what new recruits think about the support you’re providing to them and whether they have the right tools, resources, and information they need to function well in your organisation. 

Use real-time survey feedback to identifwhat’s working and what’s not in your onboarding process. 


Use a single system to collect feedback throughout the employee lifecycle, from onboarding new team members through to their exit.

Get data-driven insights you can act on

Our onboarding surveys empower HR and team leaders with real-time and actionable employee insights including intuitive text analytics and comparison reporting functionality. Track your employees’ experience from the moment new people join the organisation until the time they leave your organisation with AskYourTeam. 

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researched questions

Our research-backed questions and approach give you the confidence you’re asking the right questions at the right time of employees’ onboarding stages from their first one week and through their first year. 

automated emails

Send automated survey invitations at set time intervals, schedule reminder emails,  create actions and assign tasks to specific people based on survey feedback. 


View individual feedback and aggregated resultsacross your organisation over time.

real time insights

Analyse onboarding performance by department, manager, location and employee demographics.