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Why us

AskYourTeam isn’t an additional process. It isn’t an engagement survey. It’s a vehicle to drive your business forward based on real-time feedback from your organisation’s front-liners. It puts a spotlight on all areas of your workplace, and it allows for fast, effective changes to be implemented where they’re needed most.  



Increased motivation and commitment from your people
By providing a simple, safe and non-threatening way to share views, ideas and solutions to improve the organisation, your people feel more valued.


Better decisions by leaders
Our system gives leaders quantitative and qualitative feedback to make the best decisions, priorities and action plans. 


More effective, customised leadership support from senior leaders
Identify and quantify the performance of individual leaders in operational, functional and “softer” leadership aspects and develop coaching and training opportunities. 


How we can help

Being transparent and involving your people are no longer ‘nice to haves’ for leaders or organisations.  In today’s highly networked and mobile world, they have become fundamental markers to sustainable success. 

AskYourTeam works with organisations across all sectors in New Zealand to drive the real change needed to lift performance and create genuine cultures of involvement.

Our system considers every stage of the process. Beginning with a foundation of valuable insights from employee surveys, we work alongside you to identify the biggest opportunities for improvement and support your organisation throughout the action and continuous measurement process, leveraging your own insights and our broad experience to ensure change is meaningful and ongoing.  AskYourTeam is committed to helping you become best-in-class, benchmarking you against comparable organisations and providing you with feedback and ideas from your staff to take the guesswork out of decision making. 

Our unique and proven approach does much more than gain insights from your people and stakeholders.  We partner closely with you to leverage those insights and show you how they can transform specific areas of your organisation to achieve real improvements, and continue to measure them.

Building workplace cultures of involvement, empowerment and inclusivity begin with your people.  We’ll help you turn their voices into real actions that lift your organisation to succeed in today’s world.

Moving beyond engagement surveys

"Here at Milford Asset, we’ve moved from being focused on employee engagement, to how we can get everyone involved in continuously improving our business."

Nikki Glassie, People & Culture Business Partner
Nikki Glassie

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