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Customer stories

Learn how our customers have used rich insights from AskYourTeam to make smarter decisions and drive better outcomes.

Wlgtn Meetup 03
Central Hawke's Bay District Council
Involving employees in transformational change to drive continuous improvement

People Insights from AskYourTeam enables transformational change, deepened frontline connections, and fostered...

Emlyn Hatch - Whakatane District Council
How team-developed vision and values shifted the dial at Whakatāne District Council

How People Insights helped developed a new vision and values, enhancing workforce alignment and reducing...

Vounteer Service Abroad - Kate Wareham
Delivering a strategy that's understood and bought into

By involving employees in strategy development, VSA achieved strong buy-in and alignment from their people.

Lisa Harrison - Central Hawke's Bay District Council
Greater community input informs council's long-term planning process

Leveraging Customer Voice meant CHBDC gained insights into community needs, significantly improving long-term...

Ben Reed - HamiltonJet
Involving all people to drive improvement

Utilising Customer Voice, HamiltonJet enhanced business flexibility, market responsiveness and smoother...

Transport Accident Investigation Commission
Building stronger leaders and valuing employees

By focusing on leadership development, performance has improved by 16%, fostering a high-achieving and...

Milford Assets
Moving beyond engagement surveys

Milford Assets transitioned from engagement surveys to a culture of continuous improvement, fostering team...

Building a more collaborative and productive workplace

Swanndri involved the entire team in driving success, enhancing collaboration, and improving overall business...

Apples and Pears New Zealand
Building a connected and confident membership

NZ Apples and Pears enhanced member engagement, improved feedback, and shaped strategy based on member needs.

Hastings Health Centre - Carina
How Hastings Health Centre drove measurable improvements with a 14-fold increase in patient feedback

By using Patient Voice, Hastings Health Centre achieved a 14-fold increase in patient feedback, leading to...