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People Insights Platform

Platform features

Our platform takes you further

Our employee experience platform helps you to power meaningful change across your organisation.

By providing a safe place for your people to share their views, we help you to really understand what they think, and feel.

We can tailor our question sets to dive deep into the unique areas that matter most to your teams.

Armed with this knowledge, we help you create smarter action plans to drive meaningful and ongoing improvements.

Insights dashboard

Easy access with the Insights Dashboard

The Insight Dashboard brings the top insights to your immediate attention so you know where to start looking for the changes that will deliver the most positive results. Utilising AI technology to uncover important insights the Insights Dashboard is your stepping off point understanding how your council is doing and what you need to do to do better.

Action management

Make rapid improvements with suggested actions

Our platform guides managers on how they can address issues by providing suggested actions as thought starters.
Actions can be recorded, assigned to others and reported against so it's simple to keep track of and drive progress.

Heatmap platform features

Slice and dice the data for deeper insights

Filter results by things like team, leader, location and gender to really understand where the issues are, and why. This is great for looking at the performance of individual leaders to help with self-awareness and development.


Track, Act, Compare


Does a low score on something like remuneration mean you need to prioritise it, or is your score relatively high? Find out how your scores compare to other similar organisations to understand where you're excelling and where you need to focus.

Executive and non executive alignment

Compare executive and employee alignment

Use the Alignment Report to see where your executive teams and employees are on the same page and where the gaps that need addressing.

Overtime reporting

Track your results over time

Being able to track trends and see the impact your action plans are having means you can be more responsive and make sure you're driving the outcomes you're aiming for.