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Driving a customer first ethos

The Customer Voice bundle empowers your organisation to be as customer focused and responsive as possible.

Founded on the Bain & Company's B2B model, the system comprises of three distinct perspectives of customer service, each with their own specialised systems, research and processes. The result: a complete internal to external customer service spectrum, to understand what your customers truly value, enabling alignment and focus on key areas of improvement to deliver world class customer centricity.

Internal Customer Voice

Ensure your people are taking an internal client approach to how they interact with each other and between teams. 


Frontline Employee Voice 

Understand your frontline team's view on how customers perceive your organisation and all the services and products they provide, the marketplace, products and service ideas and what the competition is doing, how they are perceived and why.


Business Customer Voice  

Understand what aspects of your products and service are most important to your B2B customers and why.  



A combined view
Address customer needs quickly and easily. Information from all perspectives can be overlaid to prioritise areas of improvement. 


Academic rigour
Voice surveys are based on Bain & Company's B2B model of 40 factors grouped into five values that matter the most to buyers. Validated by the New Zealand Institute for Business Research (IBR).


Real views
Anonymous data collection ensures unfiltered feedback to understand what truly matters. 


Maximum impact
The hierarchy of values identifies areas of improvement for high impact.

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