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Hastings Health Centre

Driving measurable improvements with 14 times more patient feedback


Hastings Health Centre



Hastings Health Centre found its current patient survey process cumbersome and restrictive, with limited insights, and delayed access to feedback.

With Patient Voice, Hastings Health Centre were able to automate their patient feedback loop and get real-time insights on a more concise set of focused questions. A 14-fold increase in the number of responses led them to a greater understanding of what their patients want, and the ability to pinpoint exactly where improvements need to be made. 

Hastings Health Centre serves a diverse patient base, including high numbers of Māori and Pasifika, and vulnerable members of the community. Medical staff include doctors, nurse practitioners, nurse prescribers, clinical pharmacists, health improvement practitioners, health coaches, and paramedics.

Limited insights made it difficult to respond to patient needs

For years, the practice has relied on extensive surveys that require a high level of health literacy from participants and only gathers feedback from a subset of patients on a quarterly basis. Unsurprisingly, as a consequence, participation rates were very low, and insights, limited. Extracting meaning from the results was cumbersome, posing a challenge for management to recognise key aspects important to patients and making swift improvements.

Carina Lack, CEO Hastings Health Centre says they weren’t getting enough information from their mandated survey.

"We wanted something real-time to find our what our patients were telling us so when we made a change, we could see their feedback straight away".

Always on insights drove improvements they could measure - simply

Hastings Health Centre found Patient Voice super easy to use, as did their patients. Seamless integration with Medtech, their patient management system, means that their patients automatically receive a survey straight after their appointment allowing real-time insights, for quick action and continuous improvement.

Hastings Health Centre has been deliberate about asking fewer questions of their patients, but they’re asking the ones that are really useful for their practice. Patient Voice allows Hastings Health Centre to ask questions that work for them, rather than the inflexible mandated questions of the old legacy system.

Michele McCarthy, People, Quality and Health & Safety Manager, Hastings Health Centre says Patient Voice is simple and easy to use.

"It's the simplicity of being able to continuously survey patients and their whānau. Having real-time data means we can measure our progress when we make improvements”.

Actionable insights from 14 times more patients

Hastings Health Centre saw its patient survey response rates skyrocket, increasing 14-fold over the old system, meaning that it now has much more information to act on and more representative feedback from across its patient base.

"I'd recommend AskYourTeam to all health organisations that want to understand what their patients are saying. The simplicity of the tool, and the real-time feedback that we're getting is just so valuable, all health organisations would get value out of it too”.