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Local Government

Rich insights to create thriving communities


AskYourTeam is here to help councils get to the heart of what matters most. Replacing guesswork with insights, our employee and community insights platform enables smarter, faster decision-making so your council can focus resources where they'll make the biggest difference.


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Trusted by more councils than any other platform

NZ - Local government

A single platform to ensure every voice is heard and valued

Employee Voice
Tap into the lived experiences of your people with our employee insights platform, purpose-built for councils. Foster high-performing, engaged teams and involve them in shaping what and how your council delivers for your community.
Community Voice
Easily understand what’s most important to the people in your community and what their views are on specific issues or plans, so you can design and deliver council services that best meet their needs.

Council Solutions

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Engagement and culture

It’s no secret that to deliver the best outcomes for your community, you need highly motivated, focused and productive people.

Let them help you create a culture where they can reach their full potential. Bring them on the journey with you. Ask the right questions to get their insights into how they can better serve your community, and how you can help them make it happen. 

Community Engagement

To build a thriving community you need to know what makes them tick. What do they need? What do they wish for? What do they think of what you’re doing? 

With our Community Voice solution, you can get to the heart of what matters most to the public so you can design your council services around the real needs of your community.

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Reviewing results together

Council Benchmarking

How is your council performing compared to others just like yours? Where are you excelling and where do you need to focus? Does a low score mean it needs to be prioritised, or is it actually a high score relative to other councils?

Find out with Advanced Benchmarking. With the richest bank of council data, AskYourTeam enables you to compare with councils just like yours - not councils in general.

Leadership for councils

The strength of the leaders in your council can make all the difference to community outcomes. Empower your leaders and develop from within to drive transformative change in your council.

With AskYourTeam, you gain clear insights into your leaders’ performance, can identify areas for growth and provide them with the right tools for success.

Business meeting with leaders
Steph OSullivan

It's giving us really rich information and telling us that people were doing a really good job. Circulating that back to staff was self reinforcing.

Steph O'Sullivan

Chief Executive

It's giving us really rich information and telling us that people were doing a really good job. Circulating that back to staff was self reinforcing.

Steph OSullivan

Steph O'Sullivan

Chief Executive


Our Why, What
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