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The Customer VOICE Suite


Enhance your customer experience strategy and go beyond making products and services as good as they can be. 

Weave a customer centric view from the executive team throughout the organisation to your support functions and frontline team right through to your end customers.  Our Customer VOICE 
Suite allows you to seek, measure and act on ongoing feedback. Overlay information from the three perspectives to analyse and identify blind spots between how leaders and frontline staff feel they are doing and how these perceptions compare to the truth, which is what the customers think.  

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Driving a customer first ethos

The Customer VOICE Suite empowers your organisation to be as customer focused and responsive as possible.

The system comprises of three distinct perspectives of customer service, each with their own specialised systems, research and processes. The result: a complete internal to external customer service spectrum, to understand what your customers truly value enabling alignment and focus on key areas of Improvement to deliver world-class customer centricity.  

Internal Customer Voice  

Ensure your people are taking an internal client approach to how they interact with each other and between teams .


Frontline Employee Voice  

Research has shown that the insights front line staff gain from the unfiltered interactions with customers can be more powerful than direct customer feedback. Their unique perspective combines their perceptions from the customer and their own views on internal organisation customer centricity. 


External Customer Voice   

Understand the aspects of your products and service are most important to your B2B customers and why .

Improve your customer experience strategy

Download our Customer VOICE Suite Overview and learn how to best improve your customer experience strategy with the AskYourTeam Customer Voice surveys. Overlay information from different perspectives and find out what customers really think.
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The Customer VOICE suite


Three perspectives
The three surveys can be overlaid to allow gaps in customer perceptions to be identified and actions for continuous improvement prioritised .


Real views
Anonymous data collection ensures unfiltered feedback to understand what truly matters .


Power of frontline staff
Tap into the incredibly rich insights your frontline staff have on your customers, and discover what your customers really think.

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Get started with consumer feedback

Understand what your customers like and dislike about the products and services you provide and find out what they really think of the work you’re doing right now.

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