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Voice of Customer

The Customer VOICE Suite

customer voice

It's time to give the people who matter most a VOICE.

Bring together the views of your frontline employees, their perception of what your customers think, and the ultimate truth from your customers to provide unique insights and guide a world-class customer experience.  

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We're talking about a revelation

AskYourTeam's Customer VOICE Suite empowers your organisation to become as customer-focused and responsive as possible.
The system allows you to bring three views together quickly and easily to guide your customer experience strategy, identify gaps and make valuable, targeted change.

The result: an ultimate source of truth, providing unique insights to realise the biggest gains.  

Frontline Employee Voice  

Gather the views of your frontline teams and their perception of what your customers think.

Evidence shows feedback from employees interacting with customers provides more powerful insights than market research because of the high number of customer interactions they have. 


 Customer Voice   

Your customers can provide a unique insight that can challenge the way you do things and highlight where the biggest gains can be made.

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 'Quite the Revelation'   

The overlay of all views will enable you to address your customer needs quickly and easily from all perspectives. You can create an all-important baseline and the results can help you prioritise areas for improvement.

Improve your customer experience strategy

Download more information on our Customer VOICE Suite and discover how to take your customer experience strategy to the next level. 
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Ask the right questions
Customer VOICE questions are validated by Waikato University's Institute for Business Research using the criteria that matter most to customers.


Get genuine unfiltered feedback
Anonymised data collection ensures you obtain an absolute source of truth to understand where the biggest gains can be made for both frontline workers and customers.


Become truly customer centric
Frontline employees understand both the organisation and customer pain points better than anyone and as a result they can provide powerful insights. Positive change in customer experience also improves the working environment, which can help with the recruitment and retention of staff.

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