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Ethical VOICE

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Not knowing is no longer good enough. 

Consumers, industry bodies, governments and investors are demanding organisations know what's going on in their operations and supply chains, have a way to show it, and proof of their progress where improvements are needed.  

Ethical VOICE provides a way to help stamp out modern slavery and worker exploitation.

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Prevent, mitigate, and remedy modern slavery and worker exploitation

Ethical VOICE allows organisations to do true due diligence on their operations and supply chains by giving every worker a meaningful voice. Clear insights enable action plans to be developed that address worker concern and track progress over time.
Collect feedback anonymously and give all workers a voice
More than a one-time, 'minimum standard' audit process
Benchmarking reports allow you to compare your performance against others
Real-time reporting for real-time decision making
Safe, anonymous feedback for your workers on any device, in any language
Strong data security to protect your stakeholders’ integrity and safety

Deliver due diligence on worker wellbeing

Download the AskYourTeam Ethical VOICE brochure and learn how you can gain true transparency through your operations and supply chain. 

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“We urgently need credible data that measures the scale of worker exploitation in New Zealand, identifies risks and rewards change. Current tools can be untrustworthy, only tell part of the story, and don’t create a reason for employers to lift their game.”

Gary Jones, Manager Trade Policy & Strategy 
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