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The Resilience Toolkit


Resilient organisations are those that survive and thrive in normal times and through periods of uncertainty.  

To help build greater resilience into your organisation, we’ve partnered with Resilient Organisations, New Zealand’s globally renowned experts in organisational resilience.

With its three-step process, our resilience toolkit will get you started on your resilience journey. It includes five surveys, webinars for support and an annual leaders’ workshop. 

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Strengthen your organisation's ability to adapt and thrive

Building resilience into your organisation is easier than you think. It’s also one of the best investments you can make to ensure you can thrive through uncertainty and disruption.

As an AskYourTeam customer, you’re already in a strong position to build your resilience. You’ve started to build a culture of employee involvement, the foundation of adapting to uncertainty and change.



Step 1: Get Started 
Kick off by assessing the current state of your organisation’s resilience, and gain an understanding of how to proactively prepare for uncertainty and disruption. 


Step 2: Get connected 
Check in with your team and ensure your organisation is providing an environment that enables and grows resilience within individuals.   


Step 3: Get focused 
Gain insights in the core areas required to measure and improve your organisation’s progress towards becoming truly resilient. Join AskYourTeam and Resilient Organisations at our jointly hosted leaders’ workshop. 

Resilience support tools

The AskYourTeam Resilience Toolkit includes five surveys that will help you to future proof your organisation.
Employee resilience & wellbeing survey
Empower your organisation to provide an environment that grows and enables resilience within individuals. 

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Resilient foundations

Assess how ready your organisation is to respond and recover from a disruptive event.     

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Resilient teams

Work effectively across diverse teams to improve your organisation's performance and innovation to get through disruption.

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Resilient strategy
Build an effective strategy to prepare for and manage uncertainty and disruption. 

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Resilient leadership
Help leaders in your organisation to ensure they are practising principles of resilient leadership.

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Crisis support for COVID-19

Organisations throughout New Zealand are facing a once in a generation test as they navigate through social and economic disruption of COVID-19. AskYourTeam have developed a suite of tools to help leaders maintain the productivity, morale and wellbeing of their people as they move through the crisis lifecycle.

To find more about how these products gather critical information and insights from all teams, click below to find out more. 

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