Meet the team

Here you'll find the heart and soul of AskYourTeam - our people.

With a genuine passion for council improvement solutions and people insights, we're not just experts; we're your partners on the journey with you.

Meet the team

Chris O'Reilly

CEO & Co-Founder

Craig Whitcombe

Head of Product

Marcus Smith

Senior Product Manager

Matt Ovenden

Financial Controller

Alex Dent

Intermediate Software Developer

Aaron Alder

Full Stack Developer

Ben Greville

Head of Technology

Aju Varghese

Product Owner

Shannon Roberts

Intermediate Developer

Natalie Power

Account Manager

Jared Ingle

Head of Sales, Australia

John McKeefry

Strategic Partnerships Manager

Tina Sergeant

Junior Account Manager

Richard Stone

Senior Account Manager

Jane Mackay

Senior Consultant

Tyrone Cunningham

Head of Customer Success

Hannah Thompson

Senior Developer

Nick Bollard

Software Developer Team Lead

Jason Darwin

Software Developer Team Lead

Pip Cain
Pip Cain

Finance Administrator

Samuel Millar

Junior Account manager

Flinn Gendall

Full Stack Developer

Kate Morris

Senior Content Designer

Rachel O'Brien

Senior Account Manager

Stacey Larsen

Marketing Specialist

Hett Josephson

Global Marketing Director

Brian Springer
Brian Springer

Software Developer

Jordan Stevens

Senior Sales Consultant

Andrea Jackson

Customer Success Specialist

Damon Hyland

Customer Success Specialist

Melissa Abraham-Smith

Marketing Manager

James Hemmings

Country Manager, Australia