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How AskYourTeam's Involvement System works for the Health and Disability sector?


AYT_Healthcare Vision-Web Visual_Jan 2021



AYT_Healthcare Vision-Web Visual_Jan 2021


Collaboration and inter-connectedness

Download the Health and Disability Overview brochure to learn more about the AskYourTeam solution which involves the community, the healthcare sector and the Ministry of Health to deliver better healthcare to New Zealanders.
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Actions for productivity

Products for the Health and Disability Community

Patient Voice  
A co-created tool providing a platform for everyday New Zealanders to have their say on service, accessibility and overall care. 

Health Leadership Development
Based on the LSP framework, we have co-created tools enabling organisations to manage and develop leadership capability more consistently, effectively and efficiently. 

To find more about our full health survey portfolio and consulting services, please contact us.


Other surveys for
the Health and Disability sector


Cultural competency 
measure your Māori Cultural Capability journey and progress.

Focused surveys 
drill deeper into areas for your organisation including change management, project management and psychological wellbeing. 

The Resilience Toolkit 
a series of surveys to check in on staff wellbeing and resilience, assess organisational resilience and your resilience strategy, team and leadership effectiveness throughout disruption.  

A new insights partnership for DHBs

Listening to people’s experiences, and acting to improve what matters most to them is. It’s key to making things better for colleagues and for patients. Find more about the new insights partnership between AskYourTeam and A Kind Life by April.
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