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For the State Sector


Together with State Services Commission (SSC) and other government agencies, we have created a unique performance measurement tool, designed to ask the questions that matter the most to state sector productivity and performance, key stakeholder interaction and leadership effectiveness. 

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Become an employer of choice and benchmark against the sector

Get started with the state sector’s only New Zealand developed and tailored employee survey system. Benchmark your progress towards an inclusive, empowering employment culture and provide transparency to stakeholders.

Uncover the ideas and expertise
of all your people 

Maximise innovation and productivity by harnessing their collective genius. 


Asking the questions that impact most on organisational and leadership effectiveness 

AskYourTeam also links questions to the five core dimensions of the
 State Services Commissions Leadership Success Profile (LSP). 


Aligned to the State Services Commission’s Performance Improvement Framework (PIF) 

With our core 
AskYourTeam system allowing agencies the ability to self-assess against the PIF’s 30 lead questions. 

State Sector Leaders' Effectiveness Insights Paper

Is the good news bubble for the State State Sector leaders about to burst? Our newly released New Zealand State Sector Leaders Effectiveness insights paper poses some interesting questions. Download now to find the answers.
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Build high performance workplace 
Implementing the AskYourTeam system supports distributed leadership, where leaders can empower their teams to work on those things that significantly impact on performance and productivity. 


Empowered teams 
Information allows for alignment and transfer of power down through the organisation, inspiring your people to care about their work and be as good as they can be 


Embedding a culture of transparency and accountability 
Involve your people throughout the process of change, minimising anxiety and continually seeking feedback to support effective, sustainable people-centred change. 


Valuing the diversity of people and their opinions 
AskYourTeam’s anonymous feedback system not only supports inclusion by empowering all staff with a voice, but it removes the interpersonal risk that comes from providing direct feedback and eliminates the biases that impact on the ability to embrace diversity of thought.  


A strong safety and wellbeing culture
AskYourTeam’s specific research-based modules that focus on health and safety, wellbeing, and aspects of psychological safety significantly contribute to this priority.   

Create actions that drive productivity

AskYourTeam’s involvement system gathers feedback from your people and reveals priorities for your organisation and actions that will best lift productivity.
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