Helping councils unlock their full potential to create thriving communities

Community Volunteer

We uncover key insights from council employees and their communities.

Insights that get to the heart of what matters most. Insights that are relevant and actionable.

We then help measure the impact of those actions, celebrating success and guiding improvements.

This is how we help councils foster cultures of continuous improvement and impactful change.

This is what gets us out of bed every morning.

Our purpose

To help create the most productive and enjoyable workplaces in the world.

In a world where demands are higher but resources are scarce, we believe there’s nothing councils need more than happy and motivated teams, who are perfectly aligned with your values.

This is the key to providing the best outcomes for your community.


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We believe real transformation starts with knowledge. 
And your people are your richest source of insight.

AskYourTeam Founders

Our story

It started with a persistent question and the determination to find a powerful answer.

"How can we unlock the wealth of knowledge and insights from our people to drive continuous improvement?"

AskYourTeam, founded in 2014 by Andrew Bayly and Chris O’Reilly, has since become a vital tool in transforming workplaces and a trusted partner for councils in Australia and New Zealand. 

Our values

We care

We care deeply about the work we do. We care for those we work with. And we care about the positive impact AskYourTeam can make in our community.

Be authentic

We provide a safe environment for you to be your true self.

Challenge the now

We work in a highly dynamic market. We never accept that what we have today is good enough for tomorrow. We are curious and always ask how can we be better.

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Our culture

At AskYourTeam, we're more than colleagues; we're a family, united by fun, collaboration, and empowerment.

We pride ourselves on fostering an inclusive and safe environment where everyone feels valued, engaged, and integral to our collective success. 

Empowered to bring our best, we aim to make a meaningful impact on councils and communities.

Council Improvement and IP&R

Transform your council's Planning and Reporting by acting on community insights for continuous improvement and impactful resource allocation.


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Community Engagement

Listen and act on the voices of your community, tailoring council services to meet the real needs and wants of your community.


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Service Reviews

Adapt to your community's evolving needs, uncover opportunities, and enhance the impact of service reviews for ongoing improvement.


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Leadership Development

Nurture exceptional leaders who are equipped with the insights and tools to inspire positive outcomes for your community.


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Engagement & Culture

Foster a culture of engagement, empowerment and excellence, where employee insights lead the way to creating a thriving community.


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Excellence Manager

Enhance your council's journey to excellence by leveraging the Australian Business Excellence Framework for community success.


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