Benchmarking redefined for council success


Benchmarking for Council Success

Since 2014, AskYourTeam has created strong partnerships with 55 councils, resulting in an impressive council dataset. But how should this data be leveraged for council success?

We believe the usual "one-size-fits-all" approach doesn't quite fit the unique needs of councils, each with its own complexities.

We believe that by benchmarking against your own performance and tracking progress over time, you prioritise self-improvement over comparing yourself to other councils.

And this is the key to council success!

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Internal benchmarking

Your secret weapon for continual improvement

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Think of our People-Insights-Platform as your council's performance tracker. Using it, councils can understand where their biggest issues are through the eyes of those that matter most and focus resource on addressing these issues.

But you can't manage what you can't measure.

We believe the real magic happens when you start stacking up your own data over time to see the impact your actions are having and measuring your progress from one cycle to the next using our built-in Comparison Engine.

It's about seeing where you shine and where there's room to grow. It's about real, actionable insights that help you celebrate wins, tackle challenges head-on and measure your uplift.

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External benchmarking

Learning from your peers

Employee and Community Alignment

There's no doubt that benchmarking against your own council's previous performance makes more sense than comparing with other councils in different situations. But if you're still curious as to how you stack up alongside other councils, of course, we can help with that too.

Councils across Australia and New Zealand, despite their differences, face many of the same challenges. Our collection of success stories and proven strategies offers a wealth of insights and learnings.

Our carefully selected benchmark data, aligned with global best practices, serves as a reliable guide for councils wanting to see how they measure up against their peers.

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Trusted by 50+ councils across Australia and New Zealand.

With over 50 councils across Australia and New Zealand already leveraging our platform, AskYourTeam is not just facilitation better decisions; we're helping councils redefine what it means to service their communities effectively.

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