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100% council focused

We are wholly here for councils. We eat, sleep and breathe Council improvement. We understand what works, and what doesn't and we're proven experts in transforming councils' ability to continually improve the lives of the people in their community.

All-in-one solution

Our single, easy-to-use platform is purposefully designed to fuel the right decisions with insights from the people in your council and the people in your community. It connects with your other systems to save time and make things easier.

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Insights to action

We help councils zero in on the most relevant insights so they can focus their limited resources on actions that provide the best outcomes for communities, and effectively measure the impact of those actions.

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By people, for people

We’re not just a technology platform. With our dedicated support team and partner ecosystem there’s always a skilled human on hand to help you get the best results for your community.

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Continual innovation

We never stand still. We’re always innovating and working with councils to fully understand your evolving needs and provide solutions that help them meet your most pressing challenges.

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We adapt to your needs

Every council has unique ways of working. We have built-in flexibility and adaptable survey design to accommodate this.

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Why choose AskYourTeam - we adapt to your needs

Trusted by over 50 councils across New Zealand and Australia.

With over 50 councils across Australia and New Zealand already leveraging our platform, AskYourTeam is not just facilitating better decisions; we're helping councils redefine what it means to serve their communities effectively.


Our customers

Continuous Improvement
Achieving award-winning excellence with a data-driven approach

By leveraging AskYourTeam and the Australian Business Excellence Framework, IWC prioritised resources for the biggest impact.

Whakatāne District Council
How team-developed vision and values shifted the dial towards success
How People Insights helped develop a new vision and values, enhancing workforce alignment and reducing...
Community Engagement
Delivering better outcomes by understanding community priorities

Community Voice enables IWC to engage with more of their community to get the full picture. Now they're seeing massive improvements in...

CHB District Council
Involving employees in transformational change to drive continuous improvement

People insights from AskYourTeam enables transformational change, deepened frontline connections and fostered...

Greater community input informs council's long0term planning process

Leveraging Community Voice meant CHBDC gained insights into community needs, significantly improving long-term planning...