Connecting your current systems to AskYourTeam

It's easy

HRIS integration

Our system will automatically update employee data from your current HRIS for quick and easy survey deployment.

It's efficient

Action management

Utilise your existing tools and processes to collaborate and track your progress. No new systems to learn, we work with what you've got.

What platforms does AskYourTeam integrate with?

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We connect with leading council organisational tools for:
  • HR Information Systems including TechnologyOne, Success Factors, and BambooHR, streamlining your processes with automated onboarding/offboarding to keep your people data always current and actionable.
  • Corporate planning and reporting solutions such as Pulse, for streamlined strategic oversight, ensuring better measurable results for your teams and communities.

  • Task and work management tools like Asana, MS Project, MS Teams, and Slack - enhancing task allocation and team collaboration for more effective action management.

Have a tech query or want to discuss any specific integrations?

More info on our integrations and security

Yes, if you're already using BambooHR we have you covered.

Our built-in connection with BambooHR allows you to import data into AskYourTeam on a regular schedule, automating what was once a very manual task, including:

  • Adding new survey participants.
  • Updating participant details and demographics, like department changes or manager updates.
  • Removing participants no longer with your council.

Not a BambooHR user? No problem. Our team is ready to facilitate an integration that suits your existing HR system.

Yes, we can integrate any HR platform (HRIS) with AskYourTeam so there's no need to change how you do things today.

This seamless integration means you avoid the hassle of manual updates as all changes made in your HRIS will automatically be reflected in AskYourTeam, including:

  • Who's joined, moved roles, or left,
  • Changes in reporting lines, shifts in leadership, and updates to departments or locations.

With the confidence that your employee data is always up to date, you can then launch surveys quickly, re-test effortlessly, and gather continuous feedback with ease.

Custom solutions for integrating with other systems.

We'll work with you to set up a regular export of data from your system, designed to run automatically on an agreed schedule.

This means you can manage participant and action management data through your own system and AskYourTeam will stay up to date with any changes.

We’ll create the custom workflow and take care of the day-to-day management and security of your data within AskYourTeam.

Our API enables a secure and seamless data exchange between AskYourTeam and your current data platforms, opening doors to custom integration possibilities.

We're here to simplify your processes. If you're wondering about compatibility with your current platforms, just get in touch. More often than not, we're able to integrate smoothly — or we'll find a way to make it work!

For simple but secure access.

Although participants can complete an AskYourTeam survey without logging in, account managers, administrators and report viewers must setup a profile to access the results.

With SSO, you can easily log in using your organisation's credentials and say goodbye to managing multiple logins.

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A single platform to ensure every voice is heard and valued

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Employee Voice
Tap into the lived experiences of your people with our employee insights platform, purpose-built for councils. Foster high-performing, engaged teams and involve them in shaping what and how your council delivers for your community.
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Community Voice

Easily understand what’s most important to the people in your community and what their views are on specific issues or plans, so you can design and deliver council services that best meet their needs.