Excellence Manager

Unlock continuous improvement in your council

Excellence Manager by Thrive35 and AskYourTeam

Excellence Manager, powered by AskYourTeam is a proven way to supercharge the performance of your council and prioritise the actions that will make the biggest difference.

Delivered in partnership with Thrive35, Excellence Manager helps councils assess their performance against the Australian Business Excellence Framework (ABEF), an internationally recognised business model for enabling organisational excellence. 

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A heatmap summary showing the excellence manager frameword for success

A framework for success

Using the framework, councils can monitor and improve their performance across areas such as leadership, strategy and performance. Through Excellence Manager they can prioritise actions that will deliver the best outcomes for both councils and communities.

Measure your council’s level of excellence. Identify gaps, compare against the Thrive Excellence Index, review trends, and use insights to adjust your improvement plans.