Customer stories

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Wlgtn Meetup 03
Central Hawke's Bay District Council
Involving employees in transformational change to drive continuous improvement

People Insights from AskYourTeam enables transformational change, deepened frontline connections, and fostered...

Emlyn Hatch - Whakatane District Council
How team-developed vision and values shifted the dial at Whakatāne District Council

How People Insights helped developed a new vision and values, enhancing workforce alignment and reducing...

Lisa Harrison - Central Hawke's Bay District Council
Greater community input informs council's long-term planning process

Leveraging Community Voice meant CHBDC gained insights into community needs, significantly improving long-term...

Ben Reed - HamiltonJet
Involving all people to drive improvement

Utilising Community Voice, HamiltonJet enhanced business flexibility, market responsiveness and smoother...