A community member using a AskYourTeam platform feature to answer a survey question.
People Insights Platform

One platform to capture employee and community insights

Get to the heart of what matters most to your people and community, and take actions that will have the greatest benefit. Measure the results over time and your council on the path to continuous improvement.

An all-in-one solution

AskYourTeam is a single, fully featured platform that lets you gather insights from both your community and your employees. You can compare the results of the two groups to highlight gaps in perception and delivery so you can focus on the most important areas for improvement.

Turn insights into actions

Simple but powerful heatmap filtering and research-based methodology ensures you ask the right questions and zero in on the most critical insights quickly and easily. See where actions are most needed so you can prioritise those that will create the best outcomes for your community.

Measure results over time

Getting deep insights and taking actions is only you need to know that you’ve taken the right actions. With AskYourTeam you can continue to check and compare your staff and community responses, providing an over-time view that highlights your successes and areas that need more work.



Community Voice

Easily understand what’s most important to the people in your community and what their views are on specific issues or plans, so you can design and deliver council services that best meet their needs.

Council improvement and IP&R
Service reviews and delivery
Engagement and culture
Community engagement
Leadership development
Council improvement and excellence


Employee Voice

Tap into the lived experiences of your people with our employee insights platform, purpose-built for councils. Foster high-performing, engaged teams and involve them in shaping what and how your council delivers for your community.


Council improvement and IP&R
Service reviews and delivery
Engagement and culture
Community engagement
Leadership development
Council improvement and excellence
Heatmap question showcasing AskYourTeam platform feature

Find critical issues fast with heatmaps

You can drill down into specific results and filter them by categories like Teams, Leaders, Services and Location so you can quickly uncover the most pressing issues requiring immediate action.

Compare community and employee survey results

Discover your blindspots

With the comparison report you can see how your employee responses align with your community’s insights on any issue to uncover differences in perception around items like service delivery.

Insights Dashboard

Easy access with the Insights Dashboard

The Insight Dashboard brings the top insights to your immediate attention so you know where to start looking for the changes that will deliver the most positive results. Utilising AI technology to uncover important insights the Insights Dashboard is your stepping off point understanding how your council is doing and what you need to do to do better.

A platform feature showcasing recommended actions

Make rapid improvements with suggested actions

Our platform gives you suggested actions for common council challenges. Actions can be suggested, recorded, assigned to others and reported against making it simple to keep on track, understand who’s accountable and drive progress.

Compare employee feedback with your Exec Team

Compare executive and employee alignment

Use the Alignment Report to see where your executive teams and employees are on the same page and where there are gaps that need addressing.


An executive team sharing results as part of a platform feature

Seamless integration to keep things simple

It’s no good putting insights into silos. You need to easily flow them out across teams in your council and into your existing planning, reporting and action management processes. And it would help if you kept your survey setup light touch.

That’s why we integrate with most:

  • Corporate planning and reporting solutions
  • Task and work management solutions
  • HRIS solutions
Read more on our integrations and connecting your systems to AskYourTeam.

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